Hello World - I.e. Test Post  

Time to read: 1 min | 31 December, 2020 | Elias York

Just a simple test post on the new blog. This whole thing is powered by Markdown entries and of course Gatsby and various plugins, so far I like it.

I plan to add more information to the site this upcoming year--this whole site being revivied is sort of a New Years project for me. :)

So without more delays, let's try out some of the Markdown magic and see if it works well in this setup.

Showing code boxes

import json test_data = {"foo": "bar"} print(json.dumps(test_data, indent=2))

The above is formatted Python code, and hopefully shows up correctly without a lot more work. (I probably have to add a plugin to get syntax highlighting I would imagine...even if that seems like a no brainer.)

EDIT: Turns out there is an amazing and easy to use plugin gatsby-remark-highlight-code, LOVE IT! (https://www.gatsbyjs.com/plugins/gatsby-remark-highlight-code/)